Hearing Tests

Curious to know how well you are hearing? Maybe you think you may need hearing aids or you aren’t hearing as well as you used to? Let us do a thorough check to see the full health of your ears and whether you need any treatment.

Alternatively, perhaps you’re a medical-legal company and need an audiologist to refer to. Or, maybe you are a business that needs all your staff to have a hearing health MOT. No matter your circumstances, we’ve got you covered.

Not Your Average Test

Our hearing consultations are £60 but should you need hearing aids, the consultation is completely free!

At Cardiff Hearing, we believe that hearing tests are more than just seeing how well you can hear. Our team of audiologists can dive a little deeper and tell you what the problem may be. We care about your hearing and don’t try to upsell you anything.

Regardless of whether you need hearing aids or not, with one of the hearing tests we are able to give you a full and professional analysis of your hearing health and how you can better look after those ears of yours. We do as much testing as is necessary and give you a personal action plan for your hearing care moving forward.

When you come in for your hearing test you will see one of our experienced clinical audiologists, who will conduct a thorough medical history check and an otoscopic assessment to check the health of your ear canals and eardrums. We will then conduct appropriate diagnostic hearing tests specific to your needs. After testing, we will talk you through the results and create, if necessary, an individual action plan for your hearing care.

If you’re a bit bunged up and we need to remove any ear wax, we will do this through micro-suction. If the wax is too hard for removal, we will ask you to go away and use drops to soften the wax before coming back for wax removal and your hearing test.

If your ears are free of wax and infection, we will proceed with a diagnostic hearing test. A hearing test isn’t just a matter of finding out how well you can hear, it’s also a way of determining where you may have a problem with your auditory system and from here we can figure out the best course of action for you.

If there is something we feel you need to get looked at medically, we will refer you back to your GP for NHS referral, or we can refer you to our private GPs or ENT consultants. Whichever works best for you.

If you need hearing aids, we can refer you to the NHS or if you would like to have them privately with us, we’ll have a chat about your lifestyle and your hearing loss needs. Then together, we can come up with a plan. You don’t have to decide on the day – we know that getting hearing aids is a big commitment and so you’re very welcome to get back to us should you need a bit of time to decide.