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At Cardiff Hearing, we are all about you and your ears. Not only do we want to help to treat any hearing loss or damage, but we love to educate and help to promote general ear health.

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal at Cardiff Hearing

8 Nov, 2021

“Do you do ear syringing?”

We are often asked if we do “ear syringing” at Cardiff Hearing – the simple answer is no. Find out the difference here.

Cardiff Hearing base in Cardiff

27 Jul, 2021

Keeping you Safe in a Pandemic

What are we doing at Cardiff Hearing to keep you safe when coming to our clinic?

CIC Hearing Aids with Cardiff Hearing

27 Jun, 2021

Hearing aids? Life Changing.

Introducing Chris Gill, a recent user of hearing aids in his early 60s. Here he tells us about his experience!

Different types of hearing loss explained by Cardiff Hearing

19 Jun, 2021

Different Types of Hearing Loss

Having a hearing test is way more involved than simply understanding how well you can hear certain pitches. Diagnostic audiometry (the type of hearing test we do at Cardiff Hearing)...

Eco-friendly hearing aids at Cardiff Hearing

5 Jun, 2021

Which Hearing Aids to Choose?

Audiology has progressed over the years, and it is no longer simply a matter of ‘you have a hearing loss, here is something that will make things louder’.

audiology treatments in Cardiff Hearing

1 Jun, 2021

What Happens at a Hearing Test Appointment?

Your hearing consultation isn’t just about finding out what noises you can hear through a hearing test.

Andy, a Widex hearing aid wearer

28 May, 2021

Meet Andy & his ninja new hearing

Andy is a patient of ours who happens to be a professional musician.