A hearing consultation with Sonja has no restriction on time as it's important we get this right, and so if you need 2 hours, that's exactly what you'll get (and maybe a chocolate biscuit and a cuppa to break it up). A consultation will include: 


  1. A full medical history

  2. Thorough otoscopic examination - to understand ear health 

  3. Tympanometry - this measures middle ear function and can help diagnose problems with the ear drum or the tiny bones behind it

  4. Full Diagnostic Audiometry 

  5. Your own copy of the results to take away

  6. A bepoke hearing care action plan including no obligation recommendation of best hearing instruments for you if clinically necessary

  7.  Ear Wax removal if necessary

  8. Informational counselling


The cost is £60, however, if hearing devices are purchased, this is deducted from their price. You may see other clinicians providing free hearing consultations; I am a clinical Audiologist, not just a Hearing Aid Dispenser, and so my consultation may take longer than you will get on the high street, it will also be holistic, thinking beyond the two ears and I will only recommend hearing aids if necessary and by paying for my time, if you decide you would like to be referred to the NHS or see someone else for your hearing aids, that is absolutely OK - there is no pressure to buy with me. .


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