Premium Hearing Aids & overall care packages with Cardiff Hearing are at least £1700 less than some other local providers. 


This can be done by being integrated into a health centre -  we don't have all the expensive overheads of a shop, and so these savings are transferred to you, the client. 


As standard you will benefit from treatment by one of the most highly qualified and experienced Audiologists practicing privately in Cardiff. You will also get life time after care, 2 years free batteries, at least 2 years warranty, free ear wax removal, and a generally jolly experience. 



Set up by William F. Austin in 1967, and still owned by this one man,  Starkey Hearing Aids are not only industry leading, they also have an impressive & heartwarming philanthropic attitude through their Hearing Foundation.  


Eco friendly

Widex are a Danish company, producing stylish & beautifully sounding hearing devices. 

One of the largest producers, Widex are very environmentally aware - they are the only CO2 neutral hearing aid manufacturer in the World. 


STAYING Connected

Phonak come into their own by producing  unique accessories, compatible with all hearing aid manufacturers, that help you to hear like a ninja in even the hardest environments - check out a blog by one of my patients explaining his experience using the Roger Select & ComPilot...

The ideal hearing aid is one you feel most comfortable wearing and that fits your lifestyle, hearing loss type, and shape of ear canal – everyone has different needs; one size does not fit all.

These days, you will find scores of hearing aids on the market that are comfortable, virtually invisible and provide high quality fidelity sound. Styles of hearing aids:  behind the ear (BTE), receiver in the canal (RIC), the miniature in the ear (ITE) and the invisible completely in the ear canal (CIC).


Which hearing aid is best for you?

We can help you select hearing aids that most appropriately match the environments you spend time in, your lifestyle and of course your budget. We fit, adjust, and configure your hearing aid for optimum performance. The perfect hearing aid and clinical care from an Audiologist can transform your life.


How Hearing Aids Work

Hearing aids use tiny microphones to capture sounds. They incorporate a microchip that converts the inbound sound, then analyses it and modifies it dependent on your hearing loss. You hear the resultant audio signals via a miniature speaker in your ear.

Which kind of hearing aid is most appropriate for you varies according to the extent of your hearing loss, the shape of your ear, the surroundings where you wish to hear better in, how active you like to be and the technology you’re accustomed to using (do you use a smart phone or tablet, for example?).

Choosing Hearing Aids

At your hearing exam, we will identify the type of hearing problem you have got.

We always perform a full medical history because causes of hearing loss and tinnitus can come from many wider issues beyond your ears. Such as use of medications, neurological issues, heart problems, diabetes, and more besides!

According to your answers and test results, our experienced hearing experts may advocate hearing aids if the test demonstrates a sensorineural (lesion or disease of the inner ear or the auditory nerve) hearing loss, which indicates inner ear (cochlea) or nerve damage. In some cases, we may refer you to an ENT consultant if it is not a straightforward sensorineural hearing loss for further examination and treatment, if necessary.

Hearing aid types

In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids

An ITE hearing aid rests inconspicuously in the ear canal. There is also an even more discreet version known as completely-in-canal (CIC), that rests deep in your ear canal and isn’t visible to the outside world.

  • These are the least visible hearing aid style

  • They are custom made to fit in your individual ear canal

  • Designed for mild to moderate  hearing loss and in some cases we may be able to accommodate severe hearing losses


Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids

There are 2 versions of BTE hearing aid to select from. The traditional BTE hearing aid, with a receiver located in the housing behind the ear and where the sound goes into your ear via a tube or the Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) AKA Receiver-in-canal (RIC).

  • They are positioned subtly behind your ear

  • Designed for all severities of hearing loss;  mild to moderate, and severe to profound hearing loss serious


Why not make an appointment with our friendly team to get your hearing tested and chat about the best hearing solution for you.

When it comes to your hearing, one instrument certainly doesn't fit all. I have access to the World's leading hearing instrument manufacturers and am confident that I have the style and technology to suit your personal needs; from tiny invisible hearing aids, rechargeable aids, to Apple and Android compatible devices that enable you to stream music, phone, catch up TV and even your SatNav straight through your hearing aids - you can have an instrument that has the potential to change your life for the better.
We will only ever choose something that is right for your needs and comfort with technology; if that means something that's easy to handle, no fuss that you put in your ears and forget about, then that's what we will do! We can go as fancy or as simple as you like.
  If you would like to book an appointment to have a full hearing test and to discuss what options are available at no obligation, please get in touch.