Ear Wax - we all make it. 

Ear wax, also known as cerumen, helps to clean our ears and has excellent antimicrobial properties, protecting us from infections. What's more, the gloopy sticky stuff helps to defend our ears from foreign bodies like mini beasties or even bits of toy - I kid you not, I've seen it all!

However, some of us have more productive ear wax factories than others, causing us to itch,not hear so well, feel blocked up, and sometimes we can even get a little bit sore.

With less and less GP surgeries removing wax by syringing in and around Cardiff, it can be tricky knowing where to go, which is why you can come get your ear wax removed with me by micro-suction at my clinic in Llandaff North, Cardiff.

COST: A flat fee of £55




In order to get ear wax removed on your first visit, it is really important that the wax is nice and soft, for a few reasons:

1. It is not that easy for me to grab hold of it to suck it out with my tiny hoover if it's hard 

2. If hard, it can be sore as it peels away from the ear canal wall causing trauma

3. If it is particularly deep, hard and/or flakey, if I press it lightly with my suction device, that can push it towards your ear drum, feeling sore and isn't the safest thing to do. 

4. It will save you time and money because if you arrive at your appointment and the wax is too hard, I will keep your £30 deposit to pay for my time/room fees & we will need to reschedule

For the full lowdown on how to "marinate" your wax, making it lovely and soft for removal, check out this little blog I have written HERE.

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