Female Surfer

Surfer's Ear

Not just for Surfers

If you're a surfer, a kayaker, a kite swimmer, a diver, an open water swimmer...no matter your water-baby tendencies, you need to protect yourself from the wind and cold water as it causes Surfer's Ear - an irreversible and sometimes painful condition, where if left untreated, requires surgery. 
Surfer's Ear is the body's very clever way of protecting the ear drum from being hit by cold water and wind. In response to the ear canal being pounded by the elements, the body tries to warm up the ear by sending blood to the ear canal, this then by default causes bone cells to club together, forming miniature dams in the ear, resembling rounded bony stalactites and stalagmites. If your ears are unprotected, these bony formations will begin to grow and may cause you infection, pain, hearing loss, and may even end in surgery. 
To learn more, from someone who really does know what Surfer's Ear is like, check out this video of water-sports fanatic, Andy Campbell from West Wales, taking some time off the water to tell us how Surfer's Ear affects him. 

Let's get you PLUGGED against Surfer's Ear

All we need to do to protect ourselves from Surfer's Ear, is pick up and bob in a set of ear plugs. 
There are a myriad of ear plugs on the market, but the best ones, without question, are custom made plugs. They are made to fit you and only you, so we can ensure maximum fit, protecting you against water ingress, and in turn, from developing or exacerbating Surfer's Ear. 
How do we do it? 

You can come to my clinic or I am more than happy to attend sporting or social events (particularly if there is a group of you) to take an impression (a mould) of your ears, which will then be made into custom made, floatable ear plugs with a leash, and in a colour of your choice. The plugs will be posted directly to you from 7-10 days of us meeting. 

Alternatively, if you want to go through me but live far away from Cardiff and/won't be attending any events we may be invited to, go to a clinician locally to you for your impressions, and then send them in the post for our attention (Cardiff Hearing) to our clinic address. 

£85 for 1 set or £155 for 2, inclusive of postage and impressions. Your impressions will be scanned and kept on file for approximately 20 months. Therefore, should you need another set, you won't need to meet me for another set of impressions - I can order them straight away for you. 

Like the cut of my jib? Then get in touch to get booked in or to invite us to an event near you to get people Plugged against Surfer's Ear.