My Hearing: A Story of Two Parts

The Audio Linguistic Course is over, the thirty mins a day of hard work over, the games complete and the guilt, when I sometimes missed a night, finished. What has changed? What have I learnt? What has been valuable? Oddly not what I thought…

I was confused by the results. I knew that something important had fundamentally changed in my hearing ability but was not sure what. I had to ask for a second audiogram and a chat with Sonja to clear up what was happening. My hearing seemed less resilient although my family, friends and work colleagues all said they had seen a great improvement.

The audio showed a slight improvement on the last one but my ability to concentrate on sound had soured! Now, I was clear about my boundaries on exactly what I could and could not hear. I knew precisely what I could do and had stopped deceiving myself, or pretending to hear. This is perhaps over simplistic,