The Lowdown on Ear Wax

Let’s talk about ear wax. You may see adverts on the internet that say microsuction earwax removal does not require the use of drops to soften the wax - this is not true; I’m not going to beat around the bush - be wary of any advert that makes such a claim...they are most likely after as much money from you as they can get. Since many GP surgeries no longer remove wax, these companies have a captive market of thousands of people in need of clear ears and hearing, who are often willing to pay quite high price tags for the relief, rather than wait for sometimes weeks or months for removal on the NHS. It is in fact paramount that earwax is nice and soft for removal, otherwise, if it’s hard like cement... a) it’s not possible for the suction tube to grab on to any wax to suck it out, or, if the wax is tapped by the suction tube as it attempts to grab on to something, it can be pretty uncomfortable, resulting in a stabbing sensation. You see, we can’t see beyond the wax that is right in front of us, and if you have hard wax and it moves as we gently approach the wax, it may push the wax slightly down the canal (a possibly very jam packed canal of wax), which then may tap the ear drum resulting in pain, or