Marinade your Ear Wax

I understand how annoying it can be having your ears blocked with wax. I also understand that once it's built up to a really significant level,you will feel like ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and it needs to be removed from your ears NOW.

When people come to me,despite advice being given that they really must soften the wax prior to removal,they have often forgotten, applied it sparingly, or have just crossed their fingers and toes hoping it will be OK for removal. 

If your wax is driving you crazy, please, start softening your wax so that we can be sure we can remove it the first time with ease and free from pain. If wax is too hard and impacted, any attempt to remove it can be very uncomfortable, and to be honest, it's not going to work well at all which results in wasted money and time for you.

Try to be patient and commit to a softening regime.