At Cardiff Hearing, we have a range of different packages so we can choose the best one for you.

Individual Services

Micro-Suction Ear Wax Removal


Whether we are doing 1 ear or 2 ears, we charge a fixed rate. If there is no ear wax to remove, you will be charged a consultation fee of £30. If on the rare occasion, we can’t remove it all in one go on the day, a follow-up appointment will be made and charged at £25.

To be as successful as possible, we’d recommend marinading your ear wax with olive oil drops up to a week before your visit.

Hearing Test


We charge for our hearing consultation appointments, but if you need and decide to buy hearing aids through us then your consultation will be free of charge. In your appointment, we will conduct a thorough medical history, interview about your hearing ability, followed by an otoscopic examination, and audiometric testing. Sometimes, we may need to perform additional tests if clinically necessary, such as specialist speech in noise tests or tympanometry.

Tinnitus Consultation


In the consultation, we will conduct a thorough medical history and interview about your tinnitus and hearing ability. Then we will do an otoscopic examination and a full diagnostic audiometry test. We will then create a bespoke care plan to help you find peace with the sounds in your head.
If there are any follow up appointments required, then the price shall be discussed.

Children's Hearing Test


We know it can be a little scary for your tiny humans, but we’re here to assess, diagnose and support your child’s hearing needs in a friendly, chearful manner. Nothing big and nothing scary, just our experts finding a solution.

We only assess 4 year olds and over for the time being. If you have a slightly younger child, please do call us as the success of the consultation depends on your child and their development, so it may be possible to help.

Auditory Brain Training


If you choose an all-inclusive hearing aid care plan, this service is free. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! If you would like this service as part of your unbundled hearing aid care or want it in isolation, it will cost you £120.

Like any other physiotherapy, if you don’t keep up the training, you can lose the skill and so if we need to look at a longer-term plan. We can provide you with a more cost-effective plan. Everyone is different so individual plans can be discussed at appointments.

Custom Made Earplugs


The cost of custom made earplugs can vary significantly depending on the requirements needed, but typically start at £120.

It all depends on what earplugs you need and what they are for. We can discuss this at the consultation. If you need something super snazzy like in the ear monitors or plugs with electronic noise suppression, these are hugely varied in price so give us a shout and we can get back to you with a quote.

Hearing Aid Packages

We have a range of hearing aid packages that suit all your needs.

All-Inclusive Care Package

From £845

Our All Inclusive Care Package includes:

  • Unlimited follow-up appointments for 5 years
  • Free microsuction ear wax removal for 5 years
  • If the hearing aids have batteries, 2 years free batters, or a free charger if rechargeable
  • Device warranty up to 5 years
  • LACE auditory brain training

Unbundled Care Package

From £495

Our Unbundled Care Package offers great value if you feel you don’t need lots of follow up care or wax removal treatments.

Pay only for your device (warranty is included) and initial consult, fitting and follow up. Further individual follow-ups are priced on a pay as you go basis.

Additional wax guards/tips/batteries would also be an additional cost – these can be bought from us or online.

Let Us Help

With our audiologists and nurses, we are able to have an expert for each of our services. Speak to us about our packages and how our experts can help you.