Hearing Instruments Pricing



One Aid: £1625

Two Aids: £3250

E.g. Widex Moment 440


One Aid: £1375

Two Aids: £2750

E.g Widex Moment 330



One Aid: £1275

Two Aids: £2550

E.g. Widex Moment 220


One Aid: From £500

Two Aids: From £1000

E.g. slightly older products


The prices listed aren't just for the hearing aids; we've integrated the cost of unlimited follow up appointments for the life of the devices, free microsuction ear wax removal for 5 years, 2 years free batteries, and device warranty, which can be up to 5 years. If you have rechargeable hearing aids, your charger is included.  


Below, we have provided you with details of  the cost and what is included as standard to the overall fees, however, if wax removal isn't that important to you, or if you don't think you would need to see me very often for follow up appointments, you can unbundle the cost, for example: 

Rather than £3250 for a pair for top of the range hearing aids, if you don't want wax removal included or unlimited follow up appointments, the cost may be reduced to £2750 for the pair. This means, going forward, you will pay me as we go, £60 for an hour for my time if you would like any future appointments, or £55 for wax removal. 


Rule of thumb...

Think of the technology inside hearing aids like cars...the more premium the car, the smoother the ride.  Imagine a Vauxhall Corsa driving up a steep incline in Snowdonia versus an Audi A5...one is going to chug up it, and the other is going to glide...it's the same with hearing aids. 


The more advanced in technology we go, the easier it is for hearing aids to process sound and deal with unwanted noise in complex soundscapes such as the pub or a family meal, so that you can hear your loved ones better. 


We would go through all of this in more detail together, but be rest assured, I will never prescribe anything that you don't need - I will only prescribe what  you personally want and/or what your lifestyle dictates. 




Accessories are a variety of tools which can be used in conjunction with hearing aids to make your overall listening life better. 



You can have gadgets to help you hear the television even better, listen to music through your hearing aids without needing headphones, or to help you chat on your mobile phone or landline with ease. 


Not everyone needs such gadgets, but for some, they can be real life changers, and the beauty is, these days, they are incredibly discrete. 



If you have an iPhone and we feel you need an extra boost to hear the world around you or even your satnav, we might not even need additional devices as I have access to a range of iPhone and iPad compatible hearing aids! 


FREE or £60

If you intend to buy hearing aids through me, your consultation is FREE!

If you would like an exploratory hearing MOT, there is a charge of £60 so that you pay me for my time and this includes any necessary referral letters to the NHS or other private health practitioners, such as ENT consultants. If you then decide to buy hearing aids through me, I will refund you your consultation fee.    




An initial consultation, which can last up to 2 hours  and will be followed with a tailor made tinnitus care plan to outline what I recommend for your individual tinnitus experience. This will highlight any assistance I can provide you with and costs going forward, as well as any necessary referrals and recommendations for assistance by other health care practitioners, such as CBT therapy, ENT consultants, physio, dentistry.