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I'm a big kid at heart with a firm belief that education should be, for all ages, pleasurable and intriguing.  I provide a range of bespoke creative and interactive workshops drawing on my experience working as an Audiologist with adults and children with complex needs, a love of adventure paddle-sport, and a passion for science and our natural world. 


Workshops on Offer...






Noise Induced Hearing Loss:

A Musician's Guide.





What is an ear anyway?

A guide to how we hear and what happens if something goes wrong


Hearing Instrument Care and Maintenance for Health Care Professionals 


If you have a training need in mind that you can't see here, don't hesitate to contact me directly. It would be my pleasure to create something entirely tailor made to you. 


Coaching those with Hearing Loss and Balance Disorders

Through a range of interactive simulations, film, and lessons, this half day workshop will take you through the aetiologyFor water-sports, this workshop will have a special focus on Surfer's Ear, where there will also

of the different types of hearing loss and balance disorders that your students may possess, and how this may affect them when taking part in sport. It will facilitate you to think of ways to adapt your sessions to meet their needs. 
opportunity for impressions to be taken for custom ear plugs to be made at the end of the session. 

Students Wearing Invisibility Cloaks: 

​A workshop to develop your superhero powers in detecting and managing unseen hurdles 

Building on the workshop I led in conjunction with Chris Brain at the BCU Coach Conference 2015, this engaging and practical half day workshop aims to increase awareness coaches/peers' perception when working with people with invisible illnesses and/or sensory difficulties.

 It is a session
which facilitates
thought and future actions of how people may need to adapt their sessions/approach to others when partaking in sport and/or every-day working lives in the future. 

This course was originally written for those working or partaking in water-sports, however, this can be adapted for any industry or sport.