Ear Syringing

If you are suffering from hearing loss or if your hearing aids are simply not as effective as they have been previously, it may be that your ear canals need cleaning. We don’t perform ear syringing at Cardiff Hearing; this is an outdated approach and has been highlighted by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence for not being a safe practice. Which is why we perform Microsuction ear wax removal (using a special hoover for the ears) to suck out the wax under a special microscope so we can see everything we are doing.


Why have Ear Syringing and other methods of wax removal been necessary?


Cerumen, generally known as ear wax, is a common problem for many people who use hearing aids. Cerumen is a natural substance released from your ear canal to provide protection to the more sensitive inner ear skin. It has antimicrobial qualities to cleanse your ears and safeguard them from infections. For many people, the ear is self-cleaning, however there are occasions where ear wax accumulates in the ear and can trigger earaches, ear infections, and even short-term hearing loss when the ear canal is totally blocked.


State-of-the-art Solutions

Our audiologists and nurses have the knowledge, expertise, and special tools to remove ear wax safely and effortlessly from the ear canal by microsuction rather than ear syringing .

We use our cutting edge microsuction cerumen management system. We use state of the art Vorotek O-Scope lenses which provide the clearest of images of your sensitive ear canal and ear drum throughout the procedure, keeping you safe, and we utilise the quietest aural microsuction machine on the market.

Different solutions for Healthy Ears

When you visit us for ear wax treatments, our audiologists can also advise on other approaches to help keep your ears clean and healthy, such as, buying over-the-counter ear wax softeners like, Buying over-the-counter ear wax softeners like olive oil, and sodium bicarbonate ear drops, and reminding you to not use cotton swabs down or around your ears.

Ear wax is a natural occurrence and even has anti-bacterial qualities that help your ears remain clean and dust free. But if too much gets forced into the ear canal, it is time to get your ears cleaned by one of our professional clinical audiologists or nuses.

Don’t wait until it gets worse. Schedule an exam today and we will help you enjoy your favourite music again.