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Tinnitus - it can get better

People often ask me “do you do Tinnitus”? Yes, I do indeed provide a Tinnitus service, but in answering what it is I do for Tinnitus, one blanket answer certainly does not work - a true Tinnitus service is entirely holistic and needs to be bespoke. What might be required for one person, may not work for someone else. There is a sliding scale of what we need to do, depending on how distressing Tinnitus is to an individual, however it is important to note, despite popular belief, that Tinnitus is not a progressive condition, it is not inevitably going to get worse over time. People often say “there is no cure for Tinnitus is there?” and so approach our conversations with uncertainty and

Style of the City

I’m very excited...can you tell? And what a stylish outfit I’m wearing... a down jacket, wolly hat, and a wetsuit ...don’t worry, I don’t dress like that in clinical practice...but if you can’t share your true self at a time of glee,when can you?  I’ve got a really lovely article in Style of the City Magazine which is all about the WHY behind my private Audiology practice with a social conscience at it’s heart... I know, that sounds like a juxtaposition doesn’t it... “private health care” and “social conscience”... Without further a do, check out the article itself via this link: I hope you enjoy it!

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