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Surfability - Surf lessons for ALL

I have the privilege of helping to run disability awareness surf inclusion sessions alongside Ben from Surfability CIC. It is such a magical

#PaddlePickup - Cleaning our Waterways 1 Paddle at a Time

Hate litter creeping into even the most remote and wild of places, reminding you of how intrusive human life is on Planet Earth? Sick of sitting on the beach and seeing bottle tops, cotton buds, and nondescript bits of plastic scattered amongst the strand line? Have you noticed all those swamp monster like bits of trash lurking in what should be our beautiful and relaxing waterways? Want to help raise awareness and spread the message of trying to significantly reduce our waste, recycle and clean up our act? Well look no further - I have been part of the #PaddlePickup team. We are paddling from Bristol to London along the canal and river system picking up unsightly and dangerous rubbi

Disability Sports Wales full of new idEARS!

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of hosting a workshop at the Disability Sports Wales Officer National Conference to a very friendly crew of 20 officers in Wrexham. The aim of the session was for delegates to have a platform to take some time to... 1. Think about why the sense of hearing is so important 2.Learn about the basic physiology of hearing (through the power of guitar, beads, funnel, pipe cleaner, play golly we had a jolly time!) 3.Understand what happens if something goes wrong with the hearing system 4.Think about how hearing loss and auditory processing disorder can affect overall quality of life (and understanding that it is different for each individual!) 5. T

Blog coming soon!

Thank-you for taking time to visit my site - I hope you find it informative and should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Very best wishes, Sonja - your local Private Clinical Audiologist and Educator in Cardiff.

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