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If you have decided to embark on the journey to have your hearing instruments fitted by Sonja, you can expect your initial fitting appointment to look something like this, although this may vary depending on your hearing device experience: 



  • The hearing aid will be fitted to your unique hearing level, during this process, some tests may be carried out to ensure that the hearing devices are working to the very best they possibly can for you as an individual.  

  • You will undergo speech testing to help Sonja understand how well you are hearing speech. 

  • if you're an existing user. You will be counselled on what you may expect when being fitted with a hearing aid for the first time or indeed a brand new manufacturer,

  • You will be shown how to operate the devices and learn how to care for and maintain your instruments. 

  • You will be given 2 years worth of batteries. 

  • Your personal aftercare plan will be discussed and agreed . 


Once your hearing device has been fitted, our journey does not end there. You will receive a comprehensive programme of follow up appointments to monitor your hearing progress and your devices will be fine tuned if necessary.


  • For those that are struggling to get used to hearing aids, time will be spent on your aural rehabilitation, you may even be given some specialist games to help you hear better in noise.

  • Should you have any concerns regarding the functionality of your devices, you can contact me at any time for advice and if it is something I cannot solve, I will liaise with the manufacturer to get your hearing device back to to top working order.